Addis Ababa – MCRC

During a visit to Addis Ababa the issue of development aid can hardly be overseen by the traveler. You could probably call the capital of Ethiopia the center of African development aid organizations. In the highland city more than 150 so-called NGO’s (non governmental organizations) have established their headquarters. In addition to the large and well-known organizations such as UN, UNESCO, people to people, etc. But there are also countless lesser-known organizations. These organizations usually work with private and dedicated sponsors and are somewhat more efficient than the now quite large bureaucracies of the largest charities.

In this context, the visit to the Mother and Child Recreation Center, short MCRC, in the middle of Addis Ababa is particularly impressive. What you will find here, is only the worst cases of child abusion and family dramas as a result of poverty. The center currently houses about 150 people (mostly mothers and their children) and is solely financed by private funds. The founder and director, Jutta de Muynck, gave us valuable insights into her dedicated fight against poverty, neglect and domestic violence.

Right in the center, some 200 meters walk from the “Ethiopian National Museum” and the campus of the University of Addis Ababa, you find the this very special kind of place: the Mother and Child Recreation Center. Here you will see pictures which are not fitting into the tight corset of salable media impression about poverty and social work.

which apply to the images of neglect and hopelessness media accustomed to do very difficult, because what happens here does not fit into the tight corset of the common stereotypes of social work in developing countries.

What you notice first are the clean rooms. People who have set up this institution, are marked in all probability by a high standard of cleanliness and minimal aesthetic. Even if a life is marked by ever so hard circumstances, it is not here in opposition to adequate housing.

And that’s good because you can even find a short flying visit as a guest on a certain security in the premises of the MCRC.

What is the dignity of accommodation, sits in the design continues in the daily offer Zetrum at a constant level. The mothers and their children should be brought up in spite of adverse living conditions in a self-determined and responsible lifestyle. This involves concrete placement therapy and the livelihoods that exist in the world’s most traumatized people seeking help does not arise.

One example is the successful dance therapy with a professional dance teacher. About the learning of balance and body awareness are the inhabitants of the MCRC (mothers and children) back slowly to the expression of their feelings so far absolutely stunted introduced. It is both a high degree of professionalism and with great understanding and passion worked.

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